Just because Colleen’s a girl doesn’t mean she can’t rock!

The American artist grew up in opera houses all over Europe due to her mother being an opera singer and seeing strong female characters on stage was part of her upbringing.

Her music, which is powerful and energetic, relates to the younger generation and makes the older generations nostalgic about their youth.

About her new song “Womansplain” she says:  “I was sick and tired of some men always mansplaining me and telling me what I should do, so I thought I’d turn it around and womansplain for a change. It’s not about hating the opposite sex, it’s about being heard and respected for who we are as women.”

She is currently honing her songwriting skills at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute in Hamburg, which produced alumni such as James Bay and George Ezra, and was also accepted into the prestigious Eventim Popkurs this year, which produced many successful German artists such as Peter Fox, Seeed, Wir sind Helden, Revolverheld and Johannes Oerding.